Library Guide: Laptops and Wireless Access

Laptops and Wireless in the Library

  • wireless access is available throughout Cook library and outside in the courtyard via Towson Unplugged wireless network
  • there are two wireless networks, TowsonUguest and TowsonUwireless
    • TowsonUguest is NOT secure
    • TousonUWireless is secure
  • need help connecting - check Towson Unplugged for instructions and support
  • please be aware that an electrical outlet may not be available depending on where you choose to work, please come with a charged battery
  • the library online resources can be accessed using either the guest or secure wireless network
  • printing is not available via the wireless network

students using their laptops in Cook library

Laptops and Wireless / Albert S. Cook Library
Last revised: August 30, 2007

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