Assessment at Cook Library

The Assessment of Cook Library

Albert S. Cook Library recognizes the importance of assessment for the ongoing improvement of the Library for the Towson University community. The Library uses assessment measures to determine the changing information and scholarship needs of users, to evaluate how effectively the Library is meeting these needs, and to develop strategic initiatives and performance measures based on these initiatives.

Types of assessment used at the Library include:
  • A campus-wide survey of library service quality, conducted on a regular basis.
  • Evaluation of the Library’s information literacy and outreach programs.
  • User-guided improvements to the Library website.
  • Analysis of library, database, journal use and program statistics.
  • Additional assessment measures, such as focus groups, observation and on-the-spot surveys, as needed for specific purposes.

Assessment continues to play an increasingly important role with performance measures that are aligned with both initiatives and learning outcomes in order to demonstrate the value of the Library, increase our effectiveness, and document accountability to the Library’s stakeholders.

The Assessment Committee works with the Associate University Librarian, who is responsible for library assessment, to fulfill the Library's assessment goals. (committee information)

Cook Library Survey

The Albert S. Cook Library regularly conducts LibQual+™, a standardized survey developed by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), to measure users' perceptions of the quality of library service and to identify the most important areas needing improvement.

2013 Cook Library Survey: Thank You for Participating!

In the 2013 LibQUAL+ Survey, the Library received stellar ratings for customer service, but users would like better library security, an improved facility, and easier-to-access information on the library website. A summary of results and action items follow.

2013 Summary of Results
2013 LibQual+ Survey Report

Past LibQUAL+ surveys

2010: Survey Report
2008: Survey Report
2006: Survey Report

Quick Stats

What How much
Total Volumes 719,229
Accessible Journals 49,466
Ebooks 285,861
Databases 236


NCES Academic Library Survey 2000-2012
ACRL 2013 Survey

Areas of Assessment

Information Literacy

The Library regularly evaluates the effectiveness of its information literacy teaching initiatives. (more info)


The website is assessed regularly to ensure that it is meeting the needs of the Library's community of users. (more info)

Assessment at Cook Library / Albert S. Cook Library
Last revised: April 29, 2014

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