Library Committees

Cook Library strongly supports shared governance and teamwork through cross-departmental committees, which plan and implement work that involves the Library as a whole. The Committee Chair is appointed by the University Librarian, and staff serve for up to 3 consecutive year-long terms on a committee. This rotation provides fresh perspectives to the committee, adds variety to the responsibilities of the staff member, as well as broadening his/her knowledge of the organization. Through participation on library committees, Cook Library staff have a vital part in the effective operation of the Library, the accomplishment of important initiatives, and the Library’s growth as a learning organization.

Promotion and Permanent Status Committee


The Librarian Promotion and Permanent Status Review Committee assesses and reports on the accomplishments of each candidate within the criteria defined in the "Procedures and Criteria for Librarian Evaluation, Promotion, and Permanent Status" (Appendix 2 to the Towson University Policy on Appointment, Rank and Tenure of Faculty) and provides to the Dean of University Libraries an objective, thorough evaluation of the candidate's qualifications in meeting promotion or permanent status criteria.

Chair: Shana Gass


Sarah Crest
Research and Instruction Librarian

Rick Davis
Cataloging Librarian

Shana Gass - committee chair
Research and Instruction Librarian

Claire Holmes
Research and Instruction Librarian

Lisa Sweeney
Research and Instruction Librarian

Cook Library Committees / Albert S. Cook Library
Last revised: August 30, 2013

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