Library User Instruction and Research Support

Towson's Library User Instruction program supports classroom instruction by teaching students to do course-related research. Sessions are held in the library's two state-of-the-art computer classrooms or in other appropriate departmental computer classrooms. Faculty arrange single or multi-session subject specific instruction by contacting their Library Liaison or Sarah Crest at 410-704-4725 or

The Library User Instruction program also supports the General Education Requirement, "Using Information Effectively", Towson's Information Literacy course, by providing multiple instruction sessions per course. The sessions take the student from the basic research process to evaluation of Internet sites. Sessions also address intellectual property rights and the analysis of mass media as information sources.

For more information about the objectives and content of these sessions, you may wish to read the Information Literacy Standards document (pdf) or the Library Modules for Using Information Effectively document (pdf). Both were prepared by Research & Instruction Librarians at Towson University.

Outside of the classroom, librarians will meet with students in Individual Research Consultations (IRCs) or in small groups, to collaborate on their research projects.

Librarians will also arrange instruction for faculty, individually, in small groups or by department, to--

  • introduce or give updates on databases and other reference materials
  • collaborate on assignments
  • support faculty research

For general information about Library User Instruction contact -

Consultations and Assignment Ideas

Your Library Liaison will be glad to meet with you to discuss any class assignments that require the use of library resources. It is our goal to help your students experience success in the completion of their assignments and to support the development of skills that will benefit them in future endeavors.

Tutorials and Guides

Subject Guides on the Library's website are arranged by academic discipline and provide selective lists of resources, including online databases, websites, and resources from the library's reference collection. These guides are meant to guide library users to major resources within each discipline.

Librarian liaisons have created websites to accompany class assignments. Check with your liaison to learn what is already available and what they can do for you.

Library User Instruction and Research Support / Albert S. Cook Library
Last revised: August 24, 2011

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