AIT630: IT Project Management

arrow pointing rightDatabases for Articles on Project Management
ScienceDirect more information

 Over 2000 journals covering a variety of disciplines, including over 90 business journals like Information Systems. Click the browse link and select journals/books by subject to see what journals are available or do a keyword search.

arrow pointing rightDatabases for Articles on Information Systems
ACM Digital Library more information

Be sure to use the Advanced Search.  There is also a Guide to the Computing Literature, which will allow you to browse for articles by subject, rather than having to search.

arrow pointing rightSearching the Web
Cook Library Approved Website Search Engine more information

Search high quality resources on the web using the Library's Custom Search Engine.

arrow pointing rightFinding Books in the Library
ebrary Academic Complete more information

 Contains a number of ebooks about project management in addition to other topics.

WorldCat TU more information

You can use WorldCat TU to find a lot of different types of resources, but it is best for finding books.  After searching, be sure to use the filters on the left side to refine your search.

Get the call number and location information for the item in order to find it in the Library. 

You can also use WorldCat to request books from USMAI schools and libraries Worldwide (via ILL).

AIT630: IT Project Management / Albert S. Cook Library
Last revised: January 09, 2015