CHEM564: Chemistry of Dangerous Drugs

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Drug Enforcement Administration DEA more information

Tthe U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration enforces substance laws and regulations and the website can be a valuable resource. For instance, drugs are categorized based on their medical use and abuse potential, these levels (drug schedules) can be found on the DEA website:

Physicians' Desk Reference more information

Reserves | RS75 .P5

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Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs more information

Describes numerous drugs of abuse, including both pharmaceutical and natural products. Begins with a discussion of federal drug scheduling and drug categories. Individual drug descriptions include: correct pronunciation, nicknames or street names, legal status, historical and present uses and misuses, abuse factors, interactions with other drugs, and findings of cancer risks and birth defects.

Medline Plus more information
Information from the NIH and other sources on over 500 diseases and conditions. Includes an encyclopedia and dictionaries and links to clinical trials.
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Medline (EBSCO) more information
An abstracted index to all areas of medicine and the health sciences including clinical medicine, nursing, psychiatry, dentistry, pathology, toxicology, nutrition, health care planning and administration, veterinary science, medical education, etc.
ScienceDirect more information

ScienceDirect covers many scientific disciplines including biology, chemistry, and environmental science.

American Chemical Society Online Journals more information

Search or browse ACS publications from 1879-present.

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