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Sound and Fury/ Deaf Culture more information

Based on the 2001 Academy Award nominated documentary, this PBS Website provides background on various aspects of Deaf Culture.

Deaf Culture more information

This information is supplied by noted researcher Carol Padden Ph.D. who has studied and published on language, communication and deaf culture. 

Understanding Deaf Culture : In Search of Deafhood more information

This book is presented from the United Kingdom perspective. Chapter 5, Deaf culture: Discourses and definitions, provides background and meaning.

Hearing Disorders and Deafness more information

The National Institute of Health provides a substantial overview of hearing loss and deafness.

Cochlear Implants more information

The National Institute of Health's NIDCD capsule of information the basic anatomy and function of cochlear implants.

arrow pointing rightArticles
Project Muse more information

Provides full-text access to scholarly, peer reviewed journal articles in a variety of academic disciplines.

Communication & Mass Media Complete (EBSCO) more information

Communication & Mass Media Complete provides abstracts and full text of scholarly journal articles and popular articles in areas related to communication; including speech and language pathology and deaf studies.

Education Research Complete (EBSCO) more information

Topics covered include all levels of education from early childhood to higher education, and all educational specialties, such as multilingual education,deaf education, and testing, including areas of curriculum instruction as well as administration, policy, funding, and related social issues. 

Humanities Abstracts (EBSCO) more information

Journal citations and abstracts for art, classics, the performing arts, and related disciplines.

Psychology and Behavioral Science Collection (EBSCO) more information

A comprehensive database covering information concerning topics in emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry & psychology and disability.

CINAHL Plus with Full Text (EBSCO) more information

A comprehensive source of  articles in allied health journals with  full text for many of the most used journals.The database also includes -  research instruments, evidence-based care sheets, and quick lessons & search strategies. Use this database to search for articles on the health/medical aspects of deafness, hearing loss, aural rehabilitation, chochlear implants and more.

arrow pointing rightE-books
ebrary Academic Complete more information

An e-book database covering more than 220 academic disciplines, including Deaf Studies.

arrow pointing rightWebsites
Deaf Studies Custom Search Engine more information


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