MNGT375: International Business

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Factiva more information

News, company information, and market data. A must for international business research, because of its strong international coverage.

Business Source Complete (EBSCO) more information

Articles from newspapers, trade publications, magazines, and scholarly journals on all aspects of business, including multinationals, globalization, international trade, joint ventures, outsourcing, and business etiquette.

Need help using this database?

LexisNexis Academic: News Search more information

U.S. and international news.

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GlobalEDGE more information

International business treasure trove, including country, industry, and market information; check out especially the useful links from the Resource Desk. From Michigan State University.

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OFFSTATS more information

Locate official statistics by country, region, or topic. Compiled by U. of Auckland Library.

World Bank more information


International Trade Association, U.S. Department of Commerce more information

Statistics and more information on importing and exporting.

United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics (UN Comtrade) more information

With over 1 billion records, this database contains detailed imports and exports statistics reported by statistical authorities of close to 200 countries or areas, including annual trade data from 1962 to the most recent year.

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LexisNexis Academic: Company Profiles (including Hoover's) more information

A good place to find information about a company: description, brief history, principals, markets, brands, competitors, and financials.

Before searching: 

  • It works best to change the pulldown menu next to search box to Company Name.
  • Check the box next to Hoover's Company &┬áIndustry Reports and/or┬á International Company Reports in the Select Source(s) area of the search screen. (Look for Hoover's In-depth Records in your results list.)
LexisNexis Academic: Company Dossier more information

Go to Dossier Create a List of Companies to generate lists of companies by industry code, geography, revenue criteria.

Kompass: Worldwide B to B Company Search Engine more information

Search for companies worldwide by company, product, or industry code, as welll as by country or region. Some functionality and in-depth information is fee-based; Towson University does not have a subscription.

arrow pointing rightInternational Markets
Research Monitor more information

A business research database with access to more than 5,000 industry and country reports across 80 countries, including demographic, macro-economic and marketing statistics; market size and forecasts; analysis of industries; and global trends predicted to influence markets.

Business Source Complete: MarketLine / Datamonitor Industry Profiles more information

National and regional industry profiles. Sample report: Soft Drinks in Russia

To find an industry report, first do a simple search for industry and country. Example: soft drinks and Russia

Next, on the left side of the screen: Under Refine Results > Source Types > select Show More. Select Industry Profiles, if available, to see report(s).

Consumer Americas more information


Economic, demographic, and market statistics and trends for consumer industries & products.

The library also has:

  • Consumer Europe   RESERVES HD7022 .C68
  • Consumer Asia Pacific & Australasia   RESERVES HC411 .C66
  • Emerging Consumer Markets RESERVES HC79 .C6E64
    (covers Brazil, Russia, India, China, Mexico, South Africa & Turkey)
  • International Marketing Data & Statistics   RESERVES HA154 .I58
  • European Marketing Data & Statistics RESERVES HA1107 .E87
  • Global Market Share Tracker RESERVES  HD2757.15 .G56
    (top consumer brands for 50+ countries)
  • Retail Trade International RESERVES HF5428 .R47
arrow pointing rightCountry Information
Europa World Plus more information

Political and economic background on 250 countries and territories (not just Europe!).

Business Source Complete: Country Profiles more information

This database contains extensive country reports from sources such as Datamonitor, Political Risk Yearbook, and the Economist Intelligence Unit.

To locate the reports, first search for the name of a country. Then, on the lefthand side of the page, under Refine Your Results: scroll down to Source Types, and choose Show More > Country Reports.

U.S. Department of State Country Background Notes more information

Learn about each country's people, history, government, politics, economy, and foreign & U.S. relations, as well as  travel & business within the country.

Countries and Their Cultures more information

Focuses on cultures and countries around the world. Entries contain descriptive summaries of the country in question, including demographic, historical, cultural, economic, religious, and political information.

CultureGrams more information


Cultural information for 200+ countries.

arrow pointing rightGuides to Doing Business
U.S. Commercial Service: Country Commercial Guides more information's Market Research Library includes Country Commercial Guides, which provide invaluable background on a country's political and economic environment, leading sectors, trade regulations, investment climate, financing, and business travel.

Country Commercial Guides are freely available. To access the Market Research Reports and Best Market Reports, you must first register with

Doing Business (World Bank) more information

See how countries stack up in terms of starting a business, regulations, investment and legal climate, taxation, and more. Or map the Doing Business rankings on the Business Planet site. Extensive reports on countries and regions are available in the Download section.

Global Technology Forum (Economist Intelligence Unit) more information

Guides to doing e-business in 69 countries.

arrow pointing rightRisk Information
PRS Risk Guide & Service (LexisNexis Academic) more information

Analysis and forecasts of political and economic risks of doing business.


  • Be sure to adjust date limit before searching (try 1 year).
  • Afterwards, you probably want to sort by relevance.
Coface: Country @Ratings more information

Coface considers macroeconomic factors, trade flows, and business environment in their ratings.

ONDD (Belgian Export Credit Agency): Country Risks more information

ONDD rates 240 countries for risk in terms of export transactions and direct investment.

A.M. Best: Country Risk more information

Credit rating firm A.M. Best looks at economic, political, and financial system risk.

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