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Thank you for your interest in Albert S. Cook Library's Wish List!

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Why are we doing this?

The items on this list represent titles that Cook Library is interested in obtaining, but does not have the financial resources to purchase. The items have been carefully selected by the librarians who serve as liaisons to Towson’s academic departments and these librarians, along with the Library's technical services staff, keep the list as up-to-date as possible.

I'm in! How do I participate?

When you select an item from the list to donate to the Library, we ask that you purchase it directly from Amazon or buy it as “new” from one of the merchants. This enables the Library to get as much use out of the item as possible.

The cost of the item that you purchase will be charged to your credit card and it can be mailed directly to the Library. Please do not designate the item as a gift at checkout in order to get credit for your donation. If you have made this selection, the item is shipped directly to Towson University’s Cook Library and your name and address are included with the shipment. This enables us to say "thank you for the gift" and let you know the item has arrived.

We thank you...

Each donated item added to the collection will include a placard recognizing the donor. If you would like to donate an item from the list in honor of someone, please indicate that person’s name in the gift note at check out.

Please note that all gifts of library materials become property of the Albert S. Cook Library. The Library's staff will determine whether the gift will be retained, where it will be shelved or located, and how it will be cataloged or circulated.

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Last revised: July 07, 2011

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