Library Journal Cancellation Project

The 2013 Journal Cancellation Project has been completed. Thank you for helping us review our journal collections!

Reasons for Journal Cancellations

The cost to renew existing journal subscriptions without any changes, not including inflation, is projected at $1,000,000 for 2013. Due to budgetary limitations, including journal and e-resources inflation of 6 to 12 percent, we must reduce our journal acquisitions budget. Assuming the budget remains the same, the target reduction for journal subscriptions is $200,000. Any budget cuts by the State, however, could change this target amount.

Goal for Cancellation Project

Our goal is to work with the departments to minimize the impact of these cancellations by keeping as much critical content as possible, while still reaching our cancellation goal of $200,000.

View proposed cancellations (comments welcome)

Existing Cost-Saving Practices

With an ongoing 6% to 12% projected inflation for journal titles, the library has continually reviewed the subscription list to identify under-used titles, including identifying titles covered in other sources, such as federal documents, and switching titles from print to electronic when possible. Usually, though not always, e-titles cost somewhat less than print; in addition, with e-titles the library saves binding and processing costs. These steps, though cost-saving to a degree, do not keep up with inflation, and would not enable us to reach our target goal of $200,000.


Commitment renewals to our primary journal vendor are due in September 2012 for the 2013 calendar year. Therefore, review of our existing subscriptions will be over the summer 0f 2012, with decisions for cancellation to be made by early September.

Journal Cancellation Project / Albert S. Cook Library
Last revised: April 03, 2013

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