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Transitioning to the Towson Seminar

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Transitioning to the Towson Seminar

subpagepic As Towson gears up to shift from the Using Information Effectively courses to the Towson Seminars, the librarians will be available to help with course development and answer any questions that faculty may have about the resources available for their Towson Seminar classes.

According to the Report of the General Education Review Committee from fall 2008, the Towson Seminars are intended to "provide first-year and new transfer students with an exposure to the nature of liberal learning and the demands of college-level work at Towson by introducing them to the rigor, content, and skills needed for learning and academic success." These classes are meant to be conducted mostly in a face-to-face discussion format that encourages active learning. Also "instructional support from a reference librarian may be formally embedded" in a Towson Seminar class.

Just as Towson University teaching faculty are thinking about what Towson Seminar classes they would like to offer, the Cook Library faculty are thinking about how to best support these new courses and what creative information literacy instruction should accompany them. The faculty librarians are eager to co-teach Towson Seminars and/or provide more traditional instructional support for these classes, including creating customized course resource lists and helping with the management of electronic course reserves. According to Sarah Crest, Cook Library's User Instruction Coordinator, "The Towson Seminar offers wonderful possibilities for collaborative teaching and learning. The wide array of potential topics is exciting and the librarians are interested in being a part of the discussion as these classes develop."

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Written by Claire Holmes

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