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May 2013


Welcome Back Snack Break
September 16, 2013
Cook Lobby

Noontime Jazz
September 17, 2013
Cook Lobby

The Road to
Publication with
"Genie Wishes"
Author Elizabeth Dahl

October 8, 2013
CK 507
(Towson Room)

Noontime Jazz
October 15, 2013
Cook Lobby

An Evening of Islamic
Art and Culture at the
Walters Art Museum

November 14, 2013
The Walters Art

Noontime Jazz
November 19, 2013
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did you know?

Thanks to the
Muslim Journeys Bookshelf award, Cook Library is able to provide access to Oxford Islamic Studies Online.


Debbie Nolan

This month we crown students' academic achievements at commencement, and we celebrate the service of staff, faculty, and alumni at university awards ceremonies. Accomplishments abound across campus!

I am pleased to take this opportunity to recognize and thank all the people of Albert S. Cook Library for making a difference in the lives of Towson University's students, faculty, and staff. We say that "Albert S. Cook Library at Towson University Inspires a Journey of Learning." To be precise, it is the people of Cook Library who inspire, support, teach, learn, create, assist, guide, and lead - all in service to our Towson learning community. On the front lines and behind the scenes, the people of Cook Library truly make a difference at Towson University!

Our deep commitment to students is ever-present. While the FY 2013 facts and figures tell only part of the story, consider these points ...

... Over 20,000 people came into Cook Library each week.

... Cook Library was open 110 hours per week during the semester and 24/7 during final exams.

... Cook librarians taught information literacy skills to more than 13,000 students through nearly 600 courses this year.

... Cook librarians provided reference and research assistance and consultations to more than 15,000 students this year.

... Cook Library was in the Top 100 Most Social Media Friendly College & University Libraries for 2013.

... Cook Library hosted exhibits, events, and book talks on a wide array of topics including Islamic culture, welfare reform, financial literacy, the history of TU, and political cartoons.

... Cook Library was selected from a national pool to participate in an Institute for Museum and Library Services grant-funded project to develop "Rubrics for Assessing Information Literacy Skills" in support of student learning.

... Eight people celebrated a total of 135 years of service to Cook Library: Whitney Blake (5), Nadia Nasr (5), Diane Cascella (15), Kathy Cohen (15), Mark Owens (15), Sylvia Kodis (25), Ilene Lebson (25), and Nancy Erck (30).

... Nadia Nasr, University Archivist & Digital Collections Librarian was awarded permanent status as a faculty librarian; Joyce Garczynski, Communications & Development Librarian was promoted to the rank of Librarian II; and Lisa Woznicki will receive a Master of Science degree in Music Education at the spring 2013 commencement.

Please join me in recognizing the staff, faculty, and student assistants of Albert S. Cook Library for their contributions to the Towson University community!

Best wishes for an enjoyable summer,
Deborah A. Nolan
Dean of University Libraries

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Cook Library's Annual Kiss and Tell Campaign

Thank you for finding creative ways of showing how much you love Cook Library! In honor of National Library Week in April, patrons crafted original valentines of library appreciation to post in the lobby window. This was the second year for this event and it was another sweet success!

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