What is Cook OneSearch?

A Better Way to Search

  • Search more of the Library's collections at once.
  • Find books, articles, media, government information, and other library resources all in one place.
  • Search what Towson owns as well as resources at other USMAI Libraries.
Cook OneSearch
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More Information

Is Cook OneSearch for me?

Yes! Cook OneSearch is useful for all levels of research. Because it includes resources across the Library's collections, it is especially useful for interdisciplinary research and getting started in a new area of research. However, it does not include everything. For certain subject areas and topics, you may be better served by using subject-specific databases. Your library liaison can help identify the best search tools for your needs.

What is in Cook OneSearch?

  • Library Catalog items (e.g. books, videos, etc.)
  • EBSCO Subscription Databases (e.g. Academic Search Premier, etc.)
  • Various publisher content, such as Springer, Wiley, etc. (varies widely depending on publisher agreements)
  • Web results from Cook Library's Approved Website Search Engine (right side of the results page)
  • Librarian help via online chat!

Why Cook OneSearch?

The Library offers Cook OneSearch as part of our goal to continually improve the search experience of TU faculty, staff, and students. Providing access to more of the Library's collections in a single search is one way we believe we can improve that experience. The challenging part of research should be making something out of what you find, not the process of finding it.

About: Cook OneSearch / Albert S. Cook Library
Last revised: October 23, 2013

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