Periodicals and Microforms

Periodicals Department: 410-704-2399

The Cook Library at Towson University subscribes to more than 900 print journals, 44,914 electronic journals, and over 200 online databases. These periodicals provide access to a wide range of subjects, opinions, research and current events, and include scholarly, professional journals, and popular magazines. Current print journals and magazines can be found shelved alphabetically by title in the Periodicals Reading Room. Bound journals are shelved by call number on the 4th and 5th floors of the library book stacks.

Periodicals Collection

The Periodicals Collection currently consists of:

  • 900 print periodical titles
  • 39 print newspapers (local, national & international)
  • 44,914 electronic journals, including newspapers
  • A microform collection that includes:
    • Some journals and newspapers
    • Library of American Civilization microfiche
    • Library of English Literature microfiche
    • American Periodical Series, 1800-1900, microfilm
    • Early British Periodical Series (18th & 19th century periodicals), microfilm
    • 19th Century American Drama, microfiche
    • 19th Century English Drama, microfiche
    • Classified microfilm and microfiche

The Library subscribes to many journals electronically through the web. For a complete listing of the titles, use the TU Journal Titles List. Cook Library also subscribes to online databases, many of which provide full text journal and newspaper articles in many subjects. See the Research Databases A-Z List to link to these online resources. You may access most of these electronic resources from any computer with Internet access on the TU campus, or from off-campus using the barcode on your Towson ID card.

Learn more about off-campus access

Microform Readers

The Current Periodicals Room has 5 microform reader/printers available for copying microfilm or microfiche, scanning text or images to a Word document, or emailing to your email account. See the Periodicals Service Desk on the 2nd floor of the library for help using these machines.


Fifty-four computers plus a print station are located on the 2nd floor of the Cook Library. In addition, 16 computers are located in Media Resource Services on the 2nd floor. Assistive technology on two computers that enlarge print is also available in the Current Periodicals Room.

Public Services Desk

The Serials Department also provides a Public Service Desk in the Current Periodicals Room on the 2nd floor of the Cook Library. The Service Desk will help you:

  • Find print journals and magazines
  • Access electronic journals
  • Retrieve items held behind the Periodicals Service Desk
  • Use the online catalog to look up and interpret journal holdings information
  • Use the microform machines
  • Use the print station and fix paper jams and other printing problems

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Last revised: October 26, 2011

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