The Towson Library Residency Program

"Since I’m encouraged to pursue so many library and academic avenues, I know that I’ll have a more focused career path when my residency is completed."
~ Shannon Simpson, Cook Library’s first Resident

History of the Program

The Albert S. Cook Library and Towson University launched the Library Residency Program in the Fall, 2009. The first library in Maryland to offer a residency in academic librarianship, this program was initiated by the University Librarian, Deborah Nolan, in order to promote diversity in the profession, as well as at Towson, and to bring new perspectives and fresh ideas to the Cook Library.

About the Program

The ongoing two-year program is designed to provide a new librarian from an underrepresented group with a broad introduction to academic librarianship, a supportive environment for professional exploration, and an opportunity for concentrated experience in an area of specialization.

During the first year, the Library Resident gains experience and provides services in three departments: Research & Instruction, Technical Services, and Archives & Special Collections. "This program isn’t meant to just be an internship. It’s meant to be a mutually beneficial experience that nurtures underrepresented voices in librarianship and fosters innovation at the library."
~ Patricia MacDonald, Associate University Librarian and Residency Coordinator
In the second year the Resident specializes in one area and works on a project suited to his/her professional interests while simultaneously addressing the needs of the library. A goal of this capstone project is for the Resident, working independently or with a mentor, to develop, complete, and report research at a professional conference or in a professional journal. With the range of academic librarian experiences as well as specialization, the Resident will be well-prepared for future career opportunities.

Towson's Library Residents

2015-2017: Alyse Minter

2013-2015: Sarah Espinosa

2011-2013: Sara Arnold-Garza

Towson’s first Library Resident: Shannon R. Simpson

Towson Residency Librarian Program / Albert S. Cook Library
Last revised: June 08, 2016

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