Staff Directory

Names, titles, and contact information for library staff.
Name Job Title Email Phonesort descending
Moore, Melvin Library Technician 410-704-2256
Photo of Shana Gass Gass, Shana Research and Instruction Librarian 410-704-2395
Cohen, Kathy Library Technician 410-704-2397
Photo of Nadia Nasr Nasr, Nadia University Archivist & Digital Collections Librarian 410-704-2398
Photo of Elaine Mael Mael, Elaine Cataloging Librarian 410-704-2400
Photo of Deborah Nolan Nolan, Deborah Dean of University Libraries 410-704-2450
Cascella, Diane Executive Administrative Assistant 410-704-2452
Photo of Patricia Whiting Whiting, Patricia Library Technician 410-704-2456
Yager, Andrew Library Technician 410-704-2456
Photo of Mark Owens Owens, Mark Library Technician 410-704-2456
Kraus, Frederick Library Technician 410-704-2456
Kodis, Sylvia Library Technician 410-704-2456
Photo of Chris Casamassima Casamassima, Chris Library Technician 410-704-2456
Harnish, William Library Technician 410-704-2456
Photo of Lisa Woznicki Woznicki, Lisa Research and Instruction Librarian 410-704-2498
Blake, Whitney Library Associate 410-704-2582
Photo of Mary Ranadive Ranadive, Mary Assistant University Librarian for Public Services 410-704-2618
Ortega, Emiko Library Technician 410-704-2632
Photo of Rick Davis Davis, Rick Cataloging Librarian 410-704-2686
Photo of Carl Olson Olson, Carl Research and Instruction Librarian 410-704-3267
Gadsby, Eric T. IT Operations Specialist 410-704-3340
Photo of Carissa Tomlinson Tomlinson, Carissa First Year Experience Librarian 410-704-3359
Suarez, Armando Library Associate 410-704-3389
Baker, Cynthia Administrative Assistant 410-704-3415
Dana, Arthur IT Operations Specialist 410-704-3436
Photo of Paula Langley Langley, Paula Circulation Supervisor 410-704-3442
Brower, Matthew Learning Commons Associate 410-704-3665
Photo of Laksamee Putnam Putnam, Laksamee Research and Instruction Librarian 410-704-3746
Photo of Claire Holmes Holmes, Claire Research and Instruction Librarian 410-704-3795
Richardson, Eric Library Technician 410-704-3961
Photo of Sara Arnold-Garza Arnold-Garza, Sara Research and Instruction Librarian 410-704-3963
Ruppel, Lisa Library Associate 410-704-4116
Crest, Sarah Research and Instruction Librarian 410-704-4725
Peeling, Paul Technology Manager 410-704-4895
Photo of Mary Gilbert Gilbert, Mary Assistant University Librarian for Content Management 410-704-4926
Photo of Jennifer Roach Roach, Jennifer Distance Learning & Resource Sharing Librarian 410-704-5053
Garczynski, Joyce Research and Instruction Librarian 410-704-5168
Photo of Sarah Espinosa Espinosa, Sarah Residency Librarian 410-704-5169
Vines, Alicia Multimedia Assistant 410-704-5243
Photo of Adam Zukowski Zukowski, Adam Metadata Librarian 410-704-5318
Erck, Nancy Library Associate 410-704-5319
Sweeney, Lisa Research and Instruction Librarian 410-704-5325
Photo of Sarah Gilchrist Gilchrist, Sarah Research and Instruction Librarian 410-704-5326
Fulton, Karen Library Technician 410-704-5611
Knox, Felicity Library Associate 410-704-5613
Photo of Megan Browndorf Browndorf, Megan Research and Instruction Librarian 410-704-6075
Photo of Kimberly Miller Miller, Kimberly Research and Instruction Librarian 410-704-6324
Parks, Eden Library Associate for TU Northeastern Learning Commons 410-704-8026

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Service Phone Number
General Information  410-704-2461
Acquisitions 410-704-2400
Circulation 410-704-2456
Course Reserves 410-704-2456
Interlibrary Loan 410-704-3292
Periodicals Desk 410-704-2399
Reference Desk 410-704-2462

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Albert S. Cook Library
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